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Nikos Vertis - New Album "Eroteumenos"
  • Τhe new album of Nikos Vertis titled «Erotevmenos» is the record breaking event of the year and it just released!
    From this new album, the two big hits "Erotevmenos" and "An m'agapises" that have won the hearts of audience have been released as singles with millions of views on YouTube and taking first place on radio air play.
    Nikos Vertis presents his new album with 9 new songs that created by himself as well as the composers Nikos Saleas, Dimitris Dekos, Nikos Rallis, Tasos Panagis and Idan Raichel. The lyrics of the songs have been written by the acclaimed Giorgos Tsopanis and Olga Vlahopoulou while Nikos Vertis once again surprised us with two songs "Giati to metanioneis" and "Prosexe kala", which lyrics and music signed by himself.
    The album «Erotevmenos» is released now in all the record stores and kiosks from Heaven Music and Theama !

    Listen to the new album of Nikos Vertis HERE:
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Nikos Vertis is performing from 9.11.2018
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